Getting accurate measurements for your Faux Iron Direct order is easy with these handy measuring guides.

Rectangular Windows

Often times, windows framed in drywall can have measurements that vary slightly from point to point. This can add challenge to what seems like a straightforward measuring job. With our 7-point measuring process, we can create designs that will precisely fit your window or rectangular pass-through, even if there are some variations in the opening shape.

Rectangular Window Worksheet

Cabinet Doors

Faux Iron is a fantastic solution for cabinet door inserts. Sometimes, we like to install grilles over existing glass in doors, but other times, our grill fits into a special groove in the back of the door for a flush, attractive finish. Here is a worksheet do help make sense of all the measurements we use to create these great inserts.

Cabinet Doors Worksheet

Door Windows

Tableaux Faux Iron can bring interest to windows in doors, as well as offer a degree of privacy. Most of the time, our 1/2 inch or 3/8 inch material works for these installations.

Door Worksheet

Odd-shaped Windows

Creating Faux Iron inserts for odd-shaped windows is easy when you use a template. Click the image to go to the template page, where we will take you through the steps of creating a template for your arch-top, or otherwise unusually-shaped window.

Creating Templates

Ceiling medallions

Faux Iron ceiling medallions are lightweight and easy to install, even around existing ceiling fans, light fixtures, or chandeliers. You don’t even have to remove the existing fixtures to install one of our grilles. this worksheet will help you met the measurements you need to get a quote and place an order.

Ceiling Medallion Worksheet