Creating a paper template can ensure a near-perfect fit for your arch-top, elliptical, or unusually-shaped window. Just follow the simple DIY steps below.

1) Faux Iron Direct can create custom window decor inserts for virtually any shape window. Choose the window you would like to template, and make sure you have plenty of space to work.

2) Measure your window, and cut a piece of craft paper large enough to cover it with about a 1″ overlap on all sides. Tack this paper over the window opening. Be sure to tack it down securely; it must not slide around during the next step.

3) Carefully feel around the edge of the window opening, and mark this line with a pencil or dark marker. For this step it is very important that you make your line as accurate as possible. This will make the following steps much easier.

4) Carefully cut out the template using scissors, or a hobby knife. Be careful not to cut too close to the inside of the line. You will have the opportunity to trim the template in the next step.

5) Reinsert the cut template into the window opening and trim it to a perfect fit. The paper should be perfectly flat. Our manufacturer will craft your window insert to be an exact match to your template.

6) Write your name and your order ID on the front of the template, and you are ready to send it in. Mail it straight to our manufacturer here:

Faux Iron Direct Templates
c/o Tableaux
8212 Bagby Dr.
Austin, TX 78724