Tableaux® Faux Iron was developed for easy and flexible installation. Here are the most popular options.

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Lateral Screws – for windows or other framed openings

Built directly into the frame of your Tableaux® Faux Iron insert, lateral screws are easy to install and come with all of the tools you’ll need.

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Direct Screws – for flush mounting on walls or across openings

Pre-drilled mounting holes and anchor hardware allow you to mount your Tableaux® Faux Iron grille against virtually any surface. There are also PVC extensions available to extend your artwork up to 3″ from the wall.

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Hinges and magnets  – for easy access

Hinges and magnets are available on smaller orders (get in touch for more details) and allow you to easily swing your Tableaux® Faux Iron insert out of the way for headache-free access.  This is great for cleaning or manipulating windows behind your grilles.hinges_magnets_installation

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Snug Seal – minimize the light gap in irregular openings

Snug Seal is a compressible P-shaped gasket that is installed around the outer frame of some Tableaux® Faux Iron inserts, to minimize the gap surrounding the installation. This is great for arch-top windows, or windows with irregular shapes, where the framing is not perfectly straight.