Tableaux® Faux Iron is better than metal

Combining historical inspiration with modern technology, Tableaux® Faux Iron Designer Grilles provide the look and feel of cast iron with greater versatility than metal.  Tableaux® Faux Iron is a lightweight, totally custom-made, and easy-to-install product that is perfect for most interior decor solutions. It is made from sustainable wood materials, and weighs 1/10th as much as conventional cast metal.

Tableaux Faux Iron Designer Grille Features

  • Limitless Residential Applications – Tableaux Faux Iron Designer Grilles open up limitless creative and decorative possibilities when used in window treatments, wall decor, ceiling medallions, and many more. Tableaux Faux Iron Designer Grilles add WOW‐factor to any space anywhere!
  • Sustainable Materials – The Tableaux Faux Iron STandard-Material is environmentally friendly, made from recycled wood fiber and formaldehyde‐free adhesive.
  • Materials for Outdoor Installations – Tableaux Faux Iron EXterior-Material grilles are rot, and termite resistant.
  • Flame Retardant substrate for Safety – We also offer a  FR fire retardant material that offers “Class A” or “Class 1” passive protection designation, in accordance with international building codes and National Fire Protection Association’s standards.
  • Easy Installation – All necessary hardware is included and installation is straightforward and easy. Click here to learn more.
  • Maintenance – Tableaux Faux Iron Designer Grilles will not rust or fade and only need occasional light cleaning.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – If you are not completely satisfied with the Tableaux product please contact us within 3 days of order receipt to apply for a refund. Keep all of the original packaging, and take clear photographs of the elements that displease you. We will need these to complete the refund process. Click here to learn more.