Faux Iron Direct for you

Are you looking for great new kitchen window treatment ideas? Does your current bathroom wall décor need an upgrade? The designs you will find on our website are only a sample of what we can create here at Faux Iron Direct. If you don't see the perfect design for your project, we are happy to create custom artwork based on sketches, photographs, or even image links that you have found online. We create all of our designs in house, so we can offer you totally custom home décor solutions with no additional "Custom Design" fees, and with over 12 years of experience designing exclusively with Tableaux ® Faux Iron, our creative team is by far the best qualified to do it.

Faux Iron Direct for your home

Durable and lightweight, Tableaux ® Faux Iron is ideal for décor solutions where metal would be too restrictive or heavy to use. At 1/10th the weight of cast iron, Tableaux ® Faux Iron is the perfect alternative to wrought iron for wall décor, window treatments, even ceiling fan decoration. In so many ways, Tableaux ® Faux Iron is truly better than metal. Tableaux ® Faux Iron is naturally moisture resistant, and finished with a UV-blocking clear-coat, so it can be mounted indoors or outdoors. With Flame Retardant and High Moisture Resistant substraits available as well, Tableaux ® Faux Iron's potential is practically unlimited.

Faux Iron Direct for your community

Tableaux ® Faux Iron is a Green Product made from 100% recovered and recycled wood fiber and formaldehyde-free natural resin. Faux Iron Direct is proudly owned and operated right here in the United States of America, and Tableaux ® Faux Iron is manufactured and hand-finished by skilled artisans in Austin Texas. What you get from Faux Iron Direct is never imported, so we are proud to guarantee your complete satisfaction with your purchase.

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